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Getting Plumbing Leads Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

The simple truth that generating plumbing leads does not have to be expensive has online marketing experts everywhere grinding their teeth. Online marketing professionals want you to believe that getting plumbing leads requires hefty expenditures on web development and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Sure, that’s one way. You want to know a better way to get more plumbing leads? Read on.

Let’s talk about the main website you’ll be using to generate plumbing leads. I have two words for you: WordPress websites. WordPress websites are an inexpensive way to get your plumbing leads generation website up and running in no time. They can be easily updated by you or any member of your staff, so you’re not constantly paying a coder to post and update content. WordPress websites also work very well with other important online marketing techniques including search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.

SEO is how we help the search engines to find our websites. If done properly, and someone is online looking for a plumber, plumbing services, or something related, it’s more likely your site will come out on top, making it more likely you’ll get more plumbing needs. This includes making sure the titles, URLs, meta information, and content on your pages is properly optimized to come up when someone is searching for the terms that are likely to lead them to hiring your plumbing business.

A special type of SEO that’s going to be important in keeping your spend for plumbing leads low is what is known as local search engine optimization. Local search engine optimization works in conjunction with search engines, which have all added features to bring the most relevant answers to searchers based on location. These localization features are based off IP address, key search terms, GPS data, and more. Using local search optimization in your online marketing blitz will help to bring in plumbing leads that are more likely to convert to sales.

Another thing we cannot overlook in our search for plumbing leads is the power of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and blogs are all popular social media platforms today. These services are free to sign up for, and managing them can be fun and easy. The key to social media is to keep people engaged. Make it an interactive experience. If you use social media properly, you’re going to get more plumbing leads, because people see how responsive you are; they see that you’re actual person and not some corporate logo; and, people are going to share your great service and content with their connections. It’s grassroots marketing with a digital twist.