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About Us:

We’re much better talking about you and your business than we are talking about ourselves.

We wake up every day and get to work getting you the best, freshest, most exclusive sales leads for your business. Because of our exclusive money-back guarantee, we’re motivated by a combination of the adrenaline rush that comes from helping you double the size of your business and PURE FEAR that we may one day have to give you your money back if we don’t perform. The combination works quite well!

Here at My Local Leads, we have been managing online advertising for over nine years. Although we just filed our Articles of Organization in the first half of 2009, our campaign management team manages campaigns for over 2,000 customers. Unlike our competitors, who have fancy offices in the nation’s largest cities, and who have received venture capital money from the big funds, we are more of a mish-mash of independent types, spread out across the country (actually the world) We are lean and mean (actually we are lean and very friendly…). Our home office is located in Kennebunk, Maine but don’t try and find it because it doubles as the apartment of our President. It is our low overhead which allows us to invest considerably more of your advertising budget dollars directly into online advertising. We estimate about 30 percent more than our competitors. This is why we can offer a money-back guarantee and they can’t.

If we had to think of one word that binds us all together, it would be “passion”. We are all passionate about taking care of you, our customer, and helping you grow your business and find your way through the ever changing landscape of the internet.

If you deal with any one from our company, we can guarantee you two things. They will be both nice and intelligent. They will understand your business and they will be eager to help you.

Unlike our competitors, we hire only about 1 percent of the people we interview, and 90 percent of our leads come from this website, not from our salespeople knocking on doors. We figure it is a little hypocritical when some are out there yodeling about what a great job they can do getting you online leads and then turn around and build brick and mortar buildings across the country and hire an army of young people to knock on doors.

Look over our website. It is a lead generating money machine. Talk to our people, we hire only the nicest, smartest people you’ll ever meet. If we sound like the type of people you’d like to do business with, than it would be our honor to serve you. If not, that’s okay, too. Our door here is always open. We know that it’s tough to rationalize any money being spent in this economic climate. That’s why we guarantee you that you will not lose money with us.

Call us today or sign up online and find out what all the fuss is about. We will show you how online advertising can change your business (and your life) forever.