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Alternative To Leads Software

Before you run out and spend a lot of money on leads software, you should consider setting up a system for yourself that delivers exclusive sales leads to you on a daily basis. Leads software can be very expensive and the leads that come through a platform such as this are usually shared by thousands of businesses just like yours. When you set up your own leads system, you no longer will need leads software. You’ll have your own exclusive, red hot leads delivered right to your email box daily. These prospects will have searched for your own keywords using Google, then clicked on your own ad, and finally they will have filled out a contact form on a landing page designed exclusively for you and your business. Sales leads software is more about managing leads than generating leads. This has its place. But if you don’t need help managing leads, but rather you are just seeking the best source for exclusive leads for your business, then you should set up your own lead generating system. You do this by first researching the best keywords for your advertising campaign. Which keywords are your potential customers most likely to be searching for? What geographic location are you targeting, if any? Your pay per click campaign should incorporate these keywords and it should be designed, optimized and tested by experts. The money saved (in terms of click prices) by having a properly designed campaign is well worth the investment to hire professionals. Next you need to have a web page designed for you that will encourage visitors to give you their contact information. This page should not try and sell them the product or service you offer. Rather it should sell them on the value of filling out the contact form (or calling you). You can sell them later. The goal of the web page (called a landing page or an opt-in page) is to get you leads. If visitors feel your page is too salesy they will not give you their information. You want to build trust. Offer them an incentive for filling out the form like a free report or a newsletter subscription and then over deliver on your promise. Give them real solid information they can use regardless of whether or not they purchase your product or service. Finally, treat those people who go on to purchase your product or service like royalty. Give them great value. Once again, over deliver. This way you will have a never ending list of testimonials. When your visitors read about other peoples’ positive experiences, they will be more likely to fill out the form, thus generating a real, live sales lead for you. When set up properly, this lead generation system is an excellent alternative to both leads software and sales leads software.

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