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Capturing B2B Leads

Business to business leads, also known as B2B leads, are a valuable commodity these days. With consumers spending more and more time shopping online looking for bargains, the B2B lead is the last best hope for marketers today. Businesses quite often value “time” as much, if not more, than money. So when you target business buyers instead of consumers, you are more likely to find better margins, providing that the business you are targeting finds value in your product or service. Also, with the “do not call” program in effect nationally, Business to Consumer (B2C) telemarketing leads have all but disappeared. At least it’s still legal to call businesses. If you are in the market for b2b leads, you have a few choices to make. You can hire a telemarketer (or do it yourself) and call all the businesses that have the potential to become a customer. This is both time consuming and expensive. It can also make for some really angry prospects. To a business owner or officer, time is money. When you bother them on the telephone, you are wasting their time and therefore costing them money. Slamming the phone down in your ear is their way of letting you know this. Another way to get B2B leads is to purchase them from lead brokers.. Lead brokers either purchase the b2b leads wholesale or they may employ telemarketers themselves to garnish the leads. They then “broker” the leads to you, making sure that they charge enough to make a profit. The problem with buying b2b leads from lead brokers is that the same b2b lead can be sold dozens or even hundreds of times. Some lead brokers have gotten rich selling B2B leads because there is no way for you the purchaser to tell how many times they have sold the same b2b lead. You could also purchase your b2b leads from internet marketers. Some internet marketers build websites with the express purpose of capturing b2b leads that they can then resell to others. They might have a web site called “Free Business Insurance Quotes” containing a contact form for people to fill out. When the people fill out the form, the internet marketer sells the contact information to companies that sell business insurance. Again, the problem with using this method of purchasing your b2b leads is that the internet marketer can sell the same lead many times and there’s no way you’ll ever know. The final way, and I believe the best way, to find b2b leads is to set up a marketing campaign through one of the search engines like Google and to drive traffic to a web page containing a contact form for your b2b prospects to fill out. This way you will know for sure that your b2b leads are both fresh and exclusive. Not only that but when you follow up with your B2B prospect, you will not be bothering them. Remember, they called you (by filling out the contact form), you didn’t call them. You have a real, live b2b prospect who you know typed in one of your keywords to Google and then clicked on your ad and then filled out the form! That’s three steps they took toward buying your b2b product. So go ahead, take the plunge. Set up your own b2b leads capturing system today!

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