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Want to Know How to Get New Catering Leads?

There’s a lot of catering leads that come from word of mouth and repeat business. Getting new catering leads can be a bit tricky, though. So, how do you get new catering leads without going broke in looking for them?

Catering leads can be generated in a variety of ways, and these methods don’t have to force your profit margins lower and lower like many online marketing techniques. A lot of people invest in catering leads through traditional online marketing such as PPC (Pay Per Click). There is nothing wrong with PPC, but relying solely or even too heavily on this method to generate catering leads can continually increase in price while simultaneously lessening return.

Local search engine optimization, or local SEO, has been around in concept for years. It’s relatively recent; however, that local search engine optimization has become a viable online marketing resource for such things as catering leads generation. Google Places is in the local search engine optimization tool box as an invaluable resource. With Google Places, you have a free resource to help you get more catering leads. There are a number of rules you must know and several suggestions you should follow when using Google Places as part of your online marketing campaign. Use Google Places properly, though, and you will see how it helps to bring in qualified catering leads.

To build a proper online presence, which is going to help with bringing in catering leads, you need an online base—a website. WordPress websites are an excellent choice amid the ever-growing sea of website options out there. WordPress websites are based on a solid structure and are both scalable and customizable. WordPress websites are designed for small and medium businesses, helping keep cost low and functionality high. Using WordPress websites properly, you can tie in all your online marketing efforts to capture catering leads.

Another lead generating tool that cannot be ignored these days is social media. Social media uses the same method we mentioned above—word of mouth—but it does so in a massive, instant way. If you implement best practices in online marketing with social media, you can certainly enhance both new catering leads and repeat business. This takes more than setting up a Facebook fan page or having a Twitter or Google Plus account. To be successful with social media, you need to know what can and cannot be done with the different media, how to make the most of varied social media platforms, and how to integrate them with your overall online marketing strategy.