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Education Leads

Education leads can be purchased all over the internet. The question is, how many times have those same education leads been sold before you buy them? The answer is, “there is no way to tell”. Lead brokers and internet marketers are notorious for selling and reselling the same leads over and over again. After all, the more times a lead can be sold, the more pure profit is put into the pocket of the broker or marketer. Unlike physical items, such as books or toasters that can only be sold once, education leads are just information written on a piece of (cyber) paper. These leads are copied hundreds of times with the push of a button. Unsuspecting buyers think they are close to a new student attending their school. Little do they realize that these same education leads are almost worthless. So what’s the best way to get fresh, exclusive education leads? By setting up your own website along with a capture page! Doing this, combined with a well-managed pay per click marketing campaign can put an end to the money pit of buying your education leads from brokers and internet marketers. Education leads are nothing more than some basic personal information from prospective students who filled out a contact form on a web page, called a “capture” or “opt-in” page. If web marketers and lead brokers can garnish these leads, why can’t you? It’s not rocket science. To get fresh, unique education leads, you need only two things: traffic and conversions. Traffic refers to people who visit your website. You need all of this you can afford. Conversions refer to the people who fill out the contact form on the web page, thus identifying themselves as leads. First, let’s talk about traffic. There are two ways to get visitors to your website. You can pay for their “clicks” each time they click on your classified ad in one of the search engines such as Google, or you can “optimize” your site (a complicated procedure having to do with relevance, links, keywords, navigability and more) in the hope that you will capture “free” traffic without having to pay for it. The problem with search engine optimization is that for keywords like “education leads”, you are competing with thousands of other web pages, each trying to get to the coveted “first page” of the search results. As painful as it may be, it’s a lot easier to pay for your clicks, but only with the guidance of an expert. People have lost thousands of dollars in a very short period of time by not knowing how to properly set up a paid campaign. Using an expert and learning how the game is played will always pay for itself. Next, conversions. People who have trouble getting conversions (visitors who fill out the contact form) usually do so because they lose track of the purpose of the capture page. The purpose of the capture page is to get visitors to fill out the form, not to purchase the product (or attend the school)! Don’t use the capture page to talk about how great your program is. Use it to give all the (genuine) reasons for the person to fill out the form. You can sell them later, but only after you have gathered their information. If you don’t know who they are, you’re not going to be successful in having them attend your school. In summary, if you’re looking for education leads, take the plunge and set up a combination pay per click campaign and a well designed capture page. It will be well worth the investment.

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