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How to Find Leads

Imagine being able to find leads right in your own email box every day. I don’t mean buying the leads and having the leads emailed to you. I mean having the ability to find brand new, exclusive leads targeted to only your business. To find leads like this, you need only a simple system in place. This system requires a web page called a landing page (or an “opt-in page”), a contact form (where the visitors to the web page can fill out their information), and lastly a pay per click campaign (in order to send traffic to the page). Once you have these three things in place, you will find leads delivered to you all the time. It’s important to remember that this system does not make your business profitable. You must already have a profitable business in place. The system just allows you to find exclusive leads daily rather than having to rely on leads brokers. You still must be able to close the leads. It’s just a lot easier to close a lead that has not been called or emailed a million times as a result of the lead broker selling it over and over. Here are some things to consider when setting up your system for finding leads. First, remember that the goal of the opt-in page is simply to have your visitors give you their contact information. It is a lead generation page, not a sales page. Offer your visitor something of value for taking the time to fill out the form and for trusting you. Then deliver, or better yet over deliver this value to them in the form of information. This way you build credibility and are one step closer to a sale. Next, have a professionally designed and researched pay per click campaign working to drive qualified visitors to your opt-in page. This campaign must be continuously tested to make sure the proper keywords are being used and that the click thru rates are as high as possible. High click thru rates lower your cost per click. Ads should always be tested against each other with the lesser performing ad being dropped. Finally, treat your customers and prospects with respect. Make them happy that they clicked on your ad, opted in to your landing page and purchased your product or service. This way you can use their testimonials to convince other people that they should do the same. Finding leads will never be easier!

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