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Internet Lead Generation

Internet lead generation is addictive. Once you get a system in place that delivers fresh, hot, exclusive sales leads to your email box, you’ll probably stop using all other forms of lead generation. The problem with using traditional advertising methods to get your sales leads is that with traditional advertising you are paying for your message to be seen by thousands (or even millions) of people who have no interest whatsoever in what you are selling. For example, when you place an ad in a newspaper, the price of your ad is based on the newspaper’s total circulation, not on the percentage of that circulation that you have the potential to sell. Most people probably won’t even see your ad and those that do might not be part of your target market. You’re paying for the total amount of eyes that the newspaper can deliver. This can be a problem if you have a specialized product or service. You won’t be able to afford to have all those eyes see your ad and you don’t want to pay for them, either. The beauty of internet lead generation is that you can limit the people who see your ad to only those people who have expressed an interest in what you are selling. People express an interest in your line of business in three stages before the lead comes to you in your email box. First, they type a word or series of words into a search engine search box. These are called keywords. Next, they click on your ad which appears on the search results page delivered to the searcher by the search engine (i.e. Google and Yahoo). Finally, they “opt-in” by filling out a contact form located on the web page of yours where they have landed after clicking on your ad. These are three great buying signs for your leads. They have taken three actions towards buying your product before you even get them in your email box. What’s more, you didn’t have to pay for all the people that saw your ad. You only had to pay for those who took the important step of actually clicking on your ad. The trick is to have a pay per click campaign set up that delivers affordable, targeted traffic to your web page. From there, you must need a proven opt-in page that converts visitors to leads at the highest rate possible. This is called your conversion rate. The higher your conversion rate, the less expensive your leads will be, due to the fact that you pay for all your pay per click visitors, not just the ones who fill out the form. When done properly, an internet lead generation system can deliver super profits to your business.

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