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Lead Generation Services

There are all sorts of lead generation services to choose from. The trick is to find the lead generation system that works best for you and your business. Many lead generation services sell the same leads to many different buyers. This makes the sales much more difficult to close, because the prospects are being contacted by your competitors also. It’s best to choose lead generation services that allow you to garnish sales leads that are exclusive to your business. In order to accomplish this, you have to set up a system that is capable of driving traffic to a web page that you have had designed for the highest “conversion rate” from visitors into leads. The fastest and most reliable to drive qualified traffic to a web page is through the pay per click services of the search engines like Google and Yahoo. With these companies, you can guarantee that your ad will appear on the first page of the search results when a person types in a given search word. The beauty of the system is that advertisers like you only have to pay if a person clicks on your ad. This is a revolutionary form of advertising and lead generation service. Unlike a newspaper, which charges you for your classified ad to just appear in the paper, ppc services only charge you if they express an interest in your product or service. Setting up your pay per click campaign should be done by professionals. Your campaign should have an inherent testing platform where click through rates are constantly monitored for competing ads. This is crucial because the search engines charge you less for those clicks that come from ads with higher click through rates. Proper keyword research is also crucial to the success of your campaign. In addition, you can target your prospects geographically if you’d like. Next, your lead generation service should set you up with a landing page which is where the visitors who have clicked on your ad “land”. This page should be designed with only one purpose in mind- to generate leads. This is accomplished through the use of a contact form, also known as an “opt-in” form. Visitors are encouraged to fill out the contact form and to provide their name, email address, etc. The landing page should not contain so much information that the visitor’s mind wanders from the main message-”fill out the form”. You might want to offer your visitors something of value in exchange for filling out the form (or calling you). This could be a free quote or a newsletter or an e-book. The point is that it should have value on its own- regardless of whether or not the visitor does business with you. Use testimonials from others who have opted in to build credibility with your new visitors. In summary, when choosing lead generation services, make sure that you end up with a system that can deliver both traffic and conversion and that is exclusive to you and your business.

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