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Lead Generation Websites

Having your own lead generation website can provide a dramatic increase in sales. The reason is that no one knows your customers better than you. What keywords are they searching for? Where are they located? How qualified are they? When did they opt-in? These are questions you will only know the answers to if you have your own lead generation website, rather than having to rely on the honesty of lead brokers, a sketchy bunch at best. Most business owners and entrepreneurs think that having a lead generation website is too difficult or too expensive. The truth is that if you choose the proper partner to help you set it up, the return on investment can be extraordinary. Lead generation websites are different than other websites. While e-commerce websites exist to sell products and services and informative websites exist to spread information, lead generation websites have only one goal – to generate leads. Many business owners miss this point when setting up their lead capturing website. They think they’ve got to sell the customer right now, while the customer is on the site. This can be a fatal mistake when setting up your landing page or website. Don’t give them too much information up front. There is nothing wrong with giving away free information – this builds trust. However, there should be a give and take. The customer’s goal is to get free information and perhaps a particular product or service. Your goal is to get them to identify themselves to you so that you can eventually close the sale. So what should you do? Quite often the answer is to give them a free e-book or a free video or a free consultation – but only after they opt-in. This way both of you gets what you want. Don’t have a lot of images and text on your landing page other than those working to convince the prospect to fill out the form. Pique their curiosity. What is this free newsletter really like? That e-book sounds interesting. I’d like to read it. There is no charge and I can always opt-out and remove my name from the list – it says so right there. What the heck- I’ll give it a shot. This is the kind of thought process you want to be going on inside your prospect’s head. Remember, the goal of your lead generation website is to get leads, not customers. Keep this goal in mind when designing your lead generation landing page and you’ll do fine.

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