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Lead Systems

Lead systems are designed to give you a replinishable source of fresh, hot leads for your business. A good lead system can be worth a fortune to the right business. For this is the lifeblood of your enterprise. The ability to tap a system for fresh prospects whenever you want means that you will never go hungry. Lead systems come in all shapes and sizes. If you employ telemarketers and you pay them $8.00 an hour and each telemarketer gets you two leads an hour, then you have a lead system that is capable of giving off leads for $4.00 each. Let’s say you are able to close one out of ten leads. Each sale costs you $40.00 (plus phone and office expenses). Therefore you must make at least this amount (actually more to cover expenses) on each sale in order for your lead system to be profitable. Another lead system involves direct mail. Now remember, just because you do mailings and get leads does not mean you have a lead system. What are the metrics? Are you able to repeat your results again and again? Only if you can do this do you have a verifiable leads system. Lead systems are very easy to understand but can be very difficult to implement without help. After all, if all businesses could create profitable lead systems, they would. The problem for most businesses is that they are unable to duplicate their results with a given lead source. For example, they might run a newspaper advertisement that does terrific and more than pays for itself. Yet when the business owner tries to repeat the results, they are doomed to failure. Usually the reason for this has to do with countless variables. What was the season for the successful ad? Was it near a holiday? What was the weather like the first time it ran? Setting up successful lead systems using traditional advertising is like catching lightning in a bottle. It is almost impossible. One of the best lead systems around today involves the use of a combination of pay per click advertising along with an opt-in landing page, which is a web page designed to capture the prospect’s contact information. The beauty of this type of lead system is that it can be scaled up (through the purchase of additional clicks) to be as large as you like are even targeted at a given geographic location. Unlike traditional advertising which casts a huge net hoping to catch a few fish, pay per click advertising only charges you for those people who have an interest in your product or service. You know this by the fact that they searched for one of your keywords and then clicked on your ad- two steps that identify them to you as a prospect. When they then fill out the contact form they become a true lead- ready to be closed. This combination is one of the best lead systems you’ll ever see, and it’s a lot more affordable than you think.

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